Greens Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe

My visit: January 28, 2010

Greens Restaurant
92 Scout Castor,
Quezon City

It was a feat to organize Top Bloggers in one venue especially if there is no event in the first place. Skysenshi, Animetric, My Mom Friday and I were able to squeeze in our hectic schedule an intimate lunch at Greens in Quezon City. What was supposed to be tete-a-tete between Skysenshi and I became an impromptu meet up with My Mom Friday. And with the availability of Animetric, the four of us were able to bond over vegetables, dalandan juice and eggless cakes lol

 roasted veggie wrap PhP80

Served slice into half, this roasted veggie wrap is Michelle's (My Mom Friday) order. It consists of grilled eggplant, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese and zucchini wrapped in pita bread.

  Greens vegetarian barbecue PhP75

I wonder what brand of red rice was used. It tasted good. The pineapple and soy sauce marinated gluten was divided into four so that everybody can taste it. Actually, all our individual orders were shared among us. This way, we were able to try every dish that was served to us. This order is best paired with atchara, sweet and tangy pickled salad.

 Pastel de vegetal PhP105

Bea (Skysenshi) ordered pastel. The pastel is a bowl full of mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, olives, legumes and diced gluten topped with a thin crust. This dish comes with rice. Since Bea is on a strict diet, rice was not served. But no discount was given when we asked for our bill hehe

 chicharon PhP85

Surprisingly, this tasted like the chicharon we normally have. Crunchy!

Melanzane Parmigiana PhP105

Another eggplant dish, this time ordered by Rowena (Animetric). Did you know that eggplant or aubergine has low calories making it the most desired food for weight lost? hehe I should stock eggplants in my ref from now on lol

carrot PhP85

chocolate cake PhP70

We were one in saying that carrot cake won hands down over chocolate cake hehe I find the chocolate cake a bit dry.

Top Bloggers lol

Meet the bloggers- Bea is on my left while Michelle is the one in pink. Rowena seats beside Michelle. 

We had a lot of catching up. Girls, can we do this once a month? ; )